Our Culture

“WE PROMOTE A CULTURE OF DIVERSITY, INDEPENDENT THOUGHT AND INNOVATION WHILE FOSTERING A SPIRIT OF COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY” At Sushee Infra, we promote a highly professional work culture, one that that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), where all employees are able to fulfill their potential regardless of their ethnicity, background, disabilities, orientation or gender.

Over the years, we have grown and professionalized at a rapid pace but we have held on to our heritage of rich cultural diversity. We have a diverse workforce of supervisory personnel, project managers, engineers, contractors and skilled manpower who come from different backgrounds, speak a variety of languages and have a vast range of skills and capabilities but we work together in a cohesive manner appreciating each other’s uniqueness. At Sushee Infra every individual is treated with the highest level of respect. We nurture a culture of independent thought and innovative ideas while fostering a spirit of collective responsibility, cooperation and team work.