A jewel in the cap of Sushee Group, the Sushee Infra and IVRCL co-sponsored, Sushee IVRCL Arunachalhighways Ltd., to construct a road (311 km, realigned to 252 km) in the difficult terrain of Arunachal Pradesh, with total outlay of Rs.1,333 cr. This is a part of prestigious/strategic 1559 km long Trans-Arunachal Highway running across the state in Arunachal Pradesh from Tawang to Kanubari. Significant cost of the project is funded by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, which has provided cash support of Rs.1,004 cr. The balance is met by a mix of equity of Rs.95 cr. and debt of Rs.234 cr. The debt is funded by a consortium of six banks. The project is progressing well; as on Aug 2018 it has achieved about 94.50% of completion.

The project is scheduled to be completed by Mar 2019. On completion, the project will receive Rs.39 cr. of semi-annual annuity for a period of 12½ years (twenty-five installments) from Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.