The Company has domain expertise in Infrastructure Development and Mining. As part of the Nation Building Activities, the Company is executing Highways and Tunneling Projects in North East India; and Irrigation Projects in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the Southern States of India. On a Pan India basis, the company is engaged in overburden/coal removal activity with Coal India Limited, and its subsidiaries; and Singareni Collieries Company Limited.

Going forward, company intends to, and is exploring the possibilities of owning and operating mines in Asia, Africa, Australia and South America, apart from India.

Company is entering into MoUs for extraction of coal and other major and minor minerals in India and overseas.

Thinkers, Enablers of the Future

Backed by immense experience in Infrastructure Development and a deep domain understanding of not only the Indian Infrastructure Industry, but also of various allied sectors, the top management lead by M Lakshmikanth Reddy and K Laxmi have steered seemingly unattainable construction pursuits towards sustainable achievements. They ensure enterprise-wide crossfunctional collaboration with a faster speed-to-ground functioning style, which is Sushee Infra’s key drive to outperform.

The two individuals, Mr. Lakshmikanth Reddy and Ms. Laxmi have been the cornerstone not only for Sushee Infra’s foray into a wide spectrum of business lines but also for its consistently rising success graph. Strengthened by its ability to design, manage and implement complex projects; and also because of the pioneering positional advantage it enjoys in high-potential market segments, and in adapting to latest technologies, Sushee Infra has evolved into a highly responsive corporate that proactively serves every need of the business environment.