Water is the ‘Elixir of Life’ and unfortunately no alternative to this scarce natural resource has yet been discovered. Sushee Infra is a specialist when it comes to safeguarding and better managing this, to make India water-rich. Employing the latest in irrigation standards and norms, a team of irrigation designers and engineers, have all created a commendable portfolio in the design and execution of canals, dam spillways, canal spillways, reservoirs etc. Two decades of industry-relevant experience adds the much needed edge to resolve critical issues and deliver projects on time.

Sushee Infra takes immense pride in building Irrigation projects in the Southern part of India, for the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Some of these projects have received special commendations for timely completion and adherence to highest standards of quality.

Turnkey Capabilities :

  • Investigation
  • Land Acquisition
  • Structure design
  • Canal excavation
  • Cross Masonry & Cross Drainage works
  • Maintenance

Sushee employs I-Cube, Innovation in Irrigation, a proprietary work system developed by its engineering department to construct spillways and reservoirs that suit the terrains and conditions of the geographical locations they are built in.