More than Two decades ago two businessmen ventured to form Sushee Infra Pvt Ltd., which was incorporated in 1986. Ever since launching, the company is engaged in civil construction projects with various major sectors like Irrigation, Roads, Buildings, Railways, and Mining etc.


Sushee Infra Pvt Ltd., headed by the two directors has contributed its might in various fields of constructions, such as major Site Leveling projects, Irrigation Canal Projects, Railway Siding Works, Civil Works of Power Projects, Mining and Transportation Projects, Tunnels etc.


The company has a contingent of competent and dedicated engineers, supervisory personnel, and skilled manpower on regular rolls to meet the challenges of high magnitude.


The company is proud of having equipped with a fleet of modern and latest construction equipment and machinery to keep abreast with latest technology in construction industry. The equipments of specialized nature are purchased, to meet the ever increasing needs of the industry, based on requirements.



Water is the ‘Elixir of Life’ and Sushee Infra is a specialist when it comes

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Sushee Infra focuses on long-life, lowcost, high-quality mining assets.

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Sushee Infra is playing an active part in building India’s landmark road projects

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Sushee Realty was incorporated Jan 2012. It has prepared itself fully to face tomorrow’s challenges in the field

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